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New London Today and Yesterday

By Daisy Imogene Read

This is a wonderful local history book penned by a resident of New London, Virginia based on her recollections and family stories from the late 19th and early 20th century. The book contains sections on the history of the late colonial period town including its Continental Army arsenal and a later alum springs resort hotel. Prominent nearby homes and institutions are discussed, including the New London Academy, Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest, Sandusky and the Quaker Church (now in Lynchburg). It includes references to the town’s more famous visitors and residents, including Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Daniel Boone, Andrew Jackson, William Callaway, William Mead and James Steptoe. It also contains an account of the role New London played in the Civil War Battle of Lynchburg. This very well-written work is a must-have for anyone with roots in Central Virginia and is a great read for any history buff. All proceeds benefit the Friends of New London, Virginia, Inc. (FNL), a non-profit, 501(c)3 museum group dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of the historic village. Find us on the web for more information about FNL.


Originally published in 1950, this out of print historical memoir has been very hard to find and commands a minimum of $40 on the collectible book market. The Friends of New London have updated and reprinted the volume for the first time with corrections to the original and an addendum. The book also includes a valuable 14-page index of names which was lacking in the original. It is 150 pages long with 35 illustrations. The book measures 9 in. x 6 in. with a durable glossy soft cover with sturdy and durable French flaps.

about the author

Miss Read was an educator and historian who was born and lived in the New London area of Bedford County, Virginia. She was a descendent of many of the original founders of the county including William Callaway and James Steptoe, as well as many other prominent Virginia founding families. She penned her history of New London at her home Woodlawn, which still stands across the road from her great-grandparents home, Liberty Hall. The book is comprised of historical figures and stories handed down from generation to generation.

Daisy I. Read was born in 1878 and died in 1948 before her work could be published. Two of her sisters, Mary McClung Read and Elizabeth Johnston Read compiled her notes and had her work published posthumously in 1950. Miss Read and her sisters are interred in the Callaway-Steptoe Cemetery in Bedford County.

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